Moral Motivational Short Stories

Three Mannequin interesting Hindi story Motivational

Maharaja Chandragupta was very fond of toys. He needed a new toy everyday. Even today the Maharaja asks what is new; It turns out that a merchant has come and brought some new toys. The merchant claims that Maharaj or anyone has never seen and will never see such toys till date. Hearing this, Maharaj ordered to call the merchant.

The merchant came and after bowing, took out three effigies from his box and placed them in front of the Maharaj and said that these three effigies are very special in themselves. The looks may look similar but in reality are very unique. The value of the first mannequin is one lakh pieces, the value of the second one thousand pieces and the value of the third mannequin is only one piece.

The emperor looked at the three mannequins carefully. There was no difference in sight, then why the difference in price? This question made Chandragupta very upset. After the defeat, he gave effigies to the councilors and said, tell me what is the difference between them. The councilors turned around and saw the three effigies from all sides, but no one got the answer to solve this trick. When Chandragupta saw that everyone was silent, he asked the same question to his guru and general minister Chanakya.

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Chanakya looked at the mannequins very carefully and ordered the court to bring three straws. When the straw came, Chanakya first put a straw in the effigy’s ear. Everyone saw that the straw went straight into the stomach, after a while, the lips of the mannequin moved and then closed. Now Chanakya next put the straw in the second effigy’s ear. This time everyone saw that the straw came out of the other ear and the effigy remained intact. Everyone’s curiosity was increasing by seeing what would happen next. Now Chanakya put the straw in the ear of the third effigy. Everyone saw that the straw was out of the effigy’s mouth and the effigy opened its mouth. The mannequin is moving even as if you want to say something.

Asked by Chandragupta what all these are and why the value of these effigies is different, Chanakya replied.

Rajan, the character always listens and keeps the things to himself and only opens his mouth after confirming them. This is his greatness. We get the same knowledge from the first mannequin and this is why the value of this effigy is one lakh pieces.

Some people are always engrossed in themselves. They ignore everything. They have no desire to wow. Such people never harm anyone. We get the same knowledge from the second mannequin and this is why the value of this effigy is one thousand pieces.

Some people are rough in the ears and light in the stomach. Nobody heard that there was noise in the whole world. They have no knowledge of false truth, just by opening their mouth. This is why the value of this effigy is only one stamp.