Moral Motivational

Very Interesting Story of Turtle

A turtle named Kambugriva lived in a pond. Two swans who came daily in the same pond, named Sankat and Vikat, were his friends. The three had so much affection that they used to meet and talk with great love till evening.

After a few days, the pond started drying up due to lack of rain. Seeing this, the swans were very sympathetic to the turtle. The turtle too said with tears in his eyes- “Friends, now my life is not long. My death is certain in this pond without water.
If you can find a solution, do it. Patience is only useful in disaster. All the effort is proved by diligence. “After much thought both the swans decided that they would bring a bamboo stick from the forest.

The tortoise will catch the middle part of that rod with its face. Then we will hold the rod firmly on both sides and fly to the edge of the other pond.

After this determination, both the swans said to the turtle – “Friend, we will take you flying to another pond like this, but take care of one thing. Do not leave the wood somewhere in between, otherwise it will fall. Whatever it may be, maintain complete silence.

Do not pay attention to temptations. This is your chance to test. “The turtle assures him that he will not speak at all during this time. Then the swans lift the wood. The turtle holds him firmly from the middle part.

In this way, according to the definite plan, they were flying in the sky that the turtle bowed down and saw the citizens who were raising their necks and making noise out of sight seeing a circular object flying among the swans in the sky.

Hearing their noise, the Kumbgriva turtle tried to ask the swans – “How is this noise ….” But when he opened his mouth, he fell down and died.

Tittihari told this story to Titihera- “That is why I say that a person who does not follow the opinion of his thinkers gets destroyed.

Apart from this, the same intelligent are successful in the wise, who think in advance without any trouble and they are also successful in the same way, whose intellect immediately thinks of its own defense. But whatever happens. Those who say ‘will be seen’ are soon destroyed.

“Tithihera asked-” How he? “Tithihari said-” Hear me tell. “Saying this he told this story to Tittihera.