Moral Motivational Short Stories

Story of Clever Thief

Once a thief entered the state, this thief was committing a lot of thieves in the state. Everyday there were thieves. The king was very upset and upset, the king called his minister to himself and asked him to find out about this thief.

The one who is harassing and robbing the citizens of our state, the minister made the guard very strict and sent the soldiers to find the thief but even after finding a lot, the thief was not detected. Called and asked if the thief was caught

The minister said that we have not received any information about the thief yet, after a few days, the citizens reached the king and he complained that the king is also committing burglaries in our house every day, slowly all the people got upset stealing. The thief who was doing it was not being caught at all, then the king called the minister and said that within 2 days, catch the thief or else everyone will get punished. The minister got scared and the thief Laid a trap which the soldiers in the town went begun corpse so that the thief is caught ever come

Now the thief could not be caught, it was announced in the state that if the thief himself comes before the king he would not get any punishment and if he was caught he would be sentenced and the next day the thief came to that court and Said that I am a thief, then the king said that you steal so cleanly, no one could catch you, so if I give you a lot of money then you have to stop stealing. The king obeyed and the thief got a lot of money. The thief went away with money and he never committed theft.

King’s wealth hindi story

Raja, why are you feeling upset, if you tell us your problem then some solution can be found out, the king says that we have a room for a long time, there is a box in it, it is locked, we Want to open it, but his key is not being found anywhere, we searched a lot but could not find the key, now we want to open it, but it is not opening, then the commander says that we break that lock Giving, then b L will,

But the king says that we can also earn this, but we know that if this happens, then it can also happen that the stuff in it can break, so we have not done this work yet, this then Trouble has been told, because the box cannot open now, the king says that we have to find that key, only then it can be done, after some time a soldier comes to the commander, he says that Some people have come to us and they say that in their house Not stolen

The commander says that we are coming to them right now, the king says that you should solve the problem of those people, after that, you have to find the key. The commander talks to those people, they show that the thief would steal all the houses Hai, he opens all the locks comfortably. Hearing this, the commander goes to the king. He says that a thief has come to our city. He is stealing everywhere, but he is very fast. He locks all the locks comfortably. Gives ,

Hearing this, the king says that the thief should be caught soon. The general wanted to catch the thief soon. After a few days that thief was caught. The king meets him. You can get punishment for stealing everywhere. Still, the commander is stealing, the king comes to the king. He says that this thief can open the box. Hearing this, the king says that you are right, the king tells the thief that you have to open this box. That thief Says if i open it then i’m left

Hearing this, the king says that you are a thief, you have been harmed, but you cannot be left out, but the king also wanted to know what could be the case. The king believes the thief, the thief opens it, the king sees Is, that there were too many enemies in it, the king leaves the thief, all the people are harmed by the king, because they got so much money, they did not know for a long time what was kept in it.

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