The story of beggar and king, beggar hindi story, In a village I used to live a beggar named Sugale. One day he went to a city to beg. He thought that whatever is found, should be taken over. One day he was being hiked at Rajpath. He was given some grain grains from a house.

He moved forward and came to the main road. Suddenly he saw that the king of the city was riding on the chariot and coming towards it. He stood up to see the ride, but what it. The king’s vehicle stopped near him. The king got down from the chariot and spread his hand in front of the beggar and said, “Give me some begging.

The country is going to face a crisis and the pundits have told that if the first beggar is found on the way today, then the crisis will be averted. So do not refuse. The beggar was shocked. The king is begging him to avert the country’s crisis. When the beggar put his hand in the bag, his fist was filled with grain. He thought I would not give so much He loosened his fist and filled some grains of grain. But then thought that if I give this much, what will happen to me. The beggar reached home and said to his wife, it has become disastrous today.

Beggar Hindi Story

I had to beg But what would he have done if he had not given When the wife turned the bag upside down, a gold coin emerged in it. Seeing this, the beggar repented and said why I did not give everything to the king. If I had done this, my life-long poverty would have disappeared. From this story, we get the message that we should always donate. Because those who donate some part of their income, they get many times the fruit of the donated portion one day.

Beggar Hindi Story and Hindi Kahani

The beggar saw that a man has stood up, he goes to him. He says that I want to eat something. The man says that I have nothing, you should go ahead, on hearing this the man goes away and stands up. He sees that the man is very rich, but he cannot give me anything, it is very big, but he does not understand that giving me something will not reduce his wealth,

The other beggar was standing near the beggar. He says what are you talking about, the beggar says nothing, I am hungry I went to the man. He has a car but he has nothing for me. He is craving too much. The man tells the beggar that you should not think that if you are hungry then you can eat with me, I walked away from home and the beggar sees him and he eats his food. Prahlad beggar asks him what you do,

Beggar hindi story

The man says that I am looking for a job right now, but if I can find it, then it is very good, I talk all over the place every day, but there is no point that I am like you, you go out in search of food, I Looking for a job, so that I can get food, he beggar says that you will definitely get a job because your mind is clear. All those whose work is clear can be made if you have this beggar’s second If you like this, share it

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