Speed Up Windows Boot Times

Sometime our Windows machines will take more time to boot and people sit idly by waiting for Windows to load onto the desktop. There are a lot of steps you can take to speed your computer’s boot time. Here In this article, I am going to explain you 10 Best Ways to Speed Up Windows Boot Times and I hope this will be helpful to you. Here is some tips can implement immediately and other need to buying new hardware or changing your operating system.

List of 10 Best Ways to Speed Up Windows Boot Times

1. Try to Free Up Disk Space

When your computer is running slow then first things to do is Free Up Disk Space and remove unnecessary files. In your computer/laptop, there are many data that you can move to an external drive or remove duplicate data.

Clean Disk Space for,

  • Recycle bin,
  • System restore,
  • Hibernation file,
  • Backed up service pack files
  • WinSxS folder,
  • Temp directories

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