Motivational Short Stories


There used to be a poor farmer named Haridutt in a village. One day, in his midday, lying in his field under the shade of a tree, he saw a snake sitting on a bill nearby.

He started thinking on seeing the snake. Of course this is my area deity, I never worshiped it, then my cultivation dries up. Now I will worship it every day.

Thinking this he went to his house and brought milk in a vessel to someone and went to the bill and said – “Kshetrapal! I have not worshiped you till date ignorantly. Today I have come to know. Accept the offering of worship and my past crimes Please forgive.

“Saying this, he left the pot of milk there and came to his house. The next day when he went to his field, he saw that the snake had drunk milk and there was a gold posture in the vessel.

The farmer was very happy to see this. After this, every day he started getting a gold currency instead of milk. One day Haridutt had to leave the village for any necessary work.

He entrusted the task of keeping milk for the snake to his boy. The boy went in the evening and kept milk with Bill in the same way. The next day, when he went there, he saw the Golden Madra in the vessel.

He thought that it might not happen, this snake’s body is full of gold-coins, why not kill it and take all the gold coins. Thinking this, he raised the stick and missed its target as soon as it tried to kill the snake.

Then the snake in anger got bitten by Haridutt’s son, which led to his immediate death there. On the second day when Haridutt came back, he heard the account of the son’s death from his relatives and said – “The son has received the fruits of his actions.”

A person who does not take pity on the people who have come to his shelter, his work is spoiled, like the work of swans in Padmasarovar has deteriorated.

“The Swans asked-” How he? “Then Haridutt told him this tale of swans.

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