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Paumbhaji Pretty crunchy vegetables

Paumbhaji Pretty crunchy vegetables

Paumbhaji, big and small at all prices. And the best part is that you can add all the vegetables you like. My daughter gets vegetables at a lower price, but also at a lower price. So I must make one day in a month. Mast Chatakedar Bhaji – Butter and lemon marquee, masala bun and tawa pilaf. Mouth watering or not ??

Make this yourself, and tell me what other vegetables you put in it ??

Ingredients :-

  1. 2-3 small potatoes (peel and cut into large pieces)
  2. Cauliflower (take a large samari)
  3. Bowl of peas (folla)
  4. 1 bowl Cauliflower (large chopped)
  5. 1/2 bowl Bit or 1 small bit (peel and cut into small pieces)
  6. 1/2 bowl Carrots (chopped)
  7. Water
  8. 2 tbsp Oil
  9. 2 tbsp Butter
  10. 2 Small Onions (Finely Chopped)
  11. 2-3 cloves of garlic (grate the ginger)
  12. 1-2 green chillies (pasted)
  13. 1 Small capsicum
  14. 5Tomatoes (2 finely chopped – no seeds) and (Puree 2 tomatoes). You can also use readymade
  15. Salt
  16. 2-3 pound vegetable spices
  17. 1 tbsp Chili (take a little more if you eat spicy)
  18. 1 tbsp Long no juice
  19. 1 Chopped lemon
  20. Coriander finely chopped
  21. 1 Become a pack
  22. Bake 2-3 tbsp butter bun
  23. 1/2 tsp Panubhaji masala (to make masala bun)

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Entertainment Love Moral Motivational Short Stories

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Entertainment Love Moral Motivational Short Stories

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Moral Motivational Short Stories

Three Mannequin interesting Hindi story Motivational

Maharaja Chandragupta was very fond of toys. He needed a new toy everyday. Even today the Maharaja asks what is new; It turns out that a merchant has come and brought some new toys. The merchant claims that Maharaj or anyone has never seen and will never see such toys till date. Hearing this, Maharaj ordered to call the merchant.

The merchant came and after bowing, took out three effigies from his box and placed them in front of the Maharaj and said that these three effigies are very special in themselves. The looks may look similar but in reality are very unique. The value of the first mannequin is one lakh pieces, the value of the second one thousand pieces and the value of the third mannequin is only one piece.

The emperor looked at the three mannequins carefully. There was no difference in sight, then why the difference in price? This question made Chandragupta very upset. After the defeat, he gave effigies to the councilors and said, tell me what is the difference between them. The councilors turned around and saw the three effigies from all sides, but no one got the answer to solve this trick. When Chandragupta saw that everyone was silent, he asked the same question to his guru and general minister Chanakya.

Madhuri Dixit Ki Kahani Hindi Me Full Information

Chanakya looked at the mannequins very carefully and ordered the court to bring three straws. When the straw came, Chanakya first put a straw in the effigy’s ear. Everyone saw that the straw went straight into the stomach, after a while, the lips of the mannequin moved and then closed. Now Chanakya next put the straw in the second effigy’s ear. This time everyone saw that the straw came out of the other ear and the effigy remained intact. Everyone’s curiosity was increasing by seeing what would happen next. Now Chanakya put the straw in the ear of the third effigy. Everyone saw that the straw was out of the effigy’s mouth and the effigy opened its mouth. The mannequin is moving even as if you want to say something.

Asked by Chandragupta what all these are and why the value of these effigies is different, Chanakya replied.

Rajan, the character always listens and keeps the things to himself and only opens his mouth after confirming them. This is his greatness. We get the same knowledge from the first mannequin and this is why the value of this effigy is one lakh pieces.

Some people are always engrossed in themselves. They ignore everything. They have no desire to wow. Such people never harm anyone. We get the same knowledge from the second mannequin and this is why the value of this effigy is one thousand pieces.

Some people are rough in the ears and light in the stomach. Nobody heard that there was noise in the whole world. They have no knowledge of false truth, just by opening their mouth. This is why the value of this effigy is only one stamp.

Moral Motivational Short Stories

Story of Clever Thief

Once a thief entered the state, this thief was committing a lot of thieves in the state. Everyday there were thieves. The king was very upset and upset, the king called his minister to himself and asked him to find out about this thief.

The one who is harassing and robbing the citizens of our state, the minister made the guard very strict and sent the soldiers to find the thief but even after finding a lot, the thief was not detected. Called and asked if the thief was caught

The minister said that we have not received any information about the thief yet, after a few days, the citizens reached the king and he complained that the king is also committing burglaries in our house every day, slowly all the people got upset stealing. The thief who was doing it was not being caught at all, then the king called the minister and said that within 2 days, catch the thief or else everyone will get punished. The minister got scared and the thief Laid a trap which the soldiers in the town went begun corpse so that the thief is caught ever come

Now the thief could not be caught, it was announced in the state that if the thief himself comes before the king he would not get any punishment and if he was caught he would be sentenced and the next day the thief came to that court and Said that I am a thief, then the king said that you steal so cleanly, no one could catch you, so if I give you a lot of money then you have to stop stealing. The king obeyed and the thief got a lot of money. The thief went away with money and he never committed theft.

King’s wealth hindi story

Raja, why are you feeling upset, if you tell us your problem then some solution can be found out, the king says that we have a room for a long time, there is a box in it, it is locked, we Want to open it, but his key is not being found anywhere, we searched a lot but could not find the key, now we want to open it, but it is not opening, then the commander says that we break that lock Giving, then b L will,

But the king says that we can also earn this, but we know that if this happens, then it can also happen that the stuff in it can break, so we have not done this work yet, this then Trouble has been told, because the box cannot open now, the king says that we have to find that key, only then it can be done, after some time a soldier comes to the commander, he says that Some people have come to us and they say that in their house Not stolen

The commander says that we are coming to them right now, the king says that you should solve the problem of those people, after that, you have to find the key. The commander talks to those people, they show that the thief would steal all the houses Hai, he opens all the locks comfortably. Hearing this, the commander goes to the king. He says that a thief has come to our city. He is stealing everywhere, but he is very fast. He locks all the locks comfortably. Gives ,

Hearing this, the king says that the thief should be caught soon. The general wanted to catch the thief soon. After a few days that thief was caught. The king meets him. You can get punishment for stealing everywhere. Still, the commander is stealing, the king comes to the king. He says that this thief can open the box. Hearing this, the king says that you are right, the king tells the thief that you have to open this box. That thief Says if i open it then i’m left

Hearing this, the king says that you are a thief, you have been harmed, but you cannot be left out, but the king also wanted to know what could be the case. The king believes the thief, the thief opens it, the king sees Is, that there were too many enemies in it, the king leaves the thief, all the people are harmed by the king, because they got so much money, they did not know for a long time what was kept in it.

Motivational Short Stories


There used to be a poor farmer named Haridutt in a village. One day, in his midday, lying in his field under the shade of a tree, he saw a snake sitting on a bill nearby.

He started thinking on seeing the snake. Of course this is my area deity, I never worshiped it, then my cultivation dries up. Now I will worship it every day.

Thinking this he went to his house and brought milk in a vessel to someone and went to the bill and said – “Kshetrapal! I have not worshiped you till date ignorantly. Today I have come to know. Accept the offering of worship and my past crimes Please forgive.

“Saying this, he left the pot of milk there and came to his house. The next day when he went to his field, he saw that the snake had drunk milk and there was a gold posture in the vessel.

The farmer was very happy to see this. After this, every day he started getting a gold currency instead of milk. One day Haridutt had to leave the village for any necessary work.

He entrusted the task of keeping milk for the snake to his boy. The boy went in the evening and kept milk with Bill in the same way. The next day, when he went there, he saw the Golden Madra in the vessel.

He thought that it might not happen, this snake’s body is full of gold-coins, why not kill it and take all the gold coins. Thinking this, he raised the stick and missed its target as soon as it tried to kill the snake.

Then the snake in anger got bitten by Haridutt’s son, which led to his immediate death there. On the second day when Haridutt came back, he heard the account of the son’s death from his relatives and said – “The son has received the fruits of his actions.”

A person who does not take pity on the people who have come to his shelter, his work is spoiled, like the work of swans in Padmasarovar has deteriorated.

“The Swans asked-” How he? “Then Haridutt told him this tale of swans.

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Motivational Short Stories

Billi Ke Galey Ki Ghanti Hindi Kids Story

ek pansaaree tha. usakee dukaan mein bahut se choohe rahate the. vahaan unake khaane ka bharapoor samaan tha. ve anaaj, sookhe meve, bred, biskut, jaim aur cheez aadi chhakakar khaate the.
choohon ke kaaran pansaaree ko kaaphee nukasaan hota tha. ek din usane socha, “in choohon se chhutakaara paane ke lie mujhe kuchh upaay karana chaahie. varana ye to mujhe kaheen ka nahin chhodegen.
ek din dukanadaar ek badee aur motee-see billee le aaya. usane use dukaan mein chhod diya. ab choohe khuleaam ghoom-phir nahin sakate the. billee roj kisee na kisee choohe ko pakadatee aur use maarakar kha jaatee.

dheere-dheere choohon kee sankhya kam hone lagee. isase choohon ko bahut chinta huee. unhonne isaka upaay dhoondhane ke liye sabha kee. sabane ek svar me kaha, “hamen is billee se chhutakaara paana hee hoga”. par chhutakaara paane ke lie kya karana chaahie, yah us sabha mein kisee ko nahin soojhata tha.
tabhee ek hoshiyaar choohe ne khade hokar kaha, “billee bahut chaalaak hai, vah dabe paanv badee phoortee se aatee hai. isalie hamen usake aane ka pata hee nahee chalata. hamen kisee tarah usake gale mein ek ghantee baandh denee chaahie.”

doosare choohe ne isaka samarthan kiya, “vaah kya baat kahee hai! jab billee chalegee, to usake gale kee ghantee bajegee. ham ghantee kee aavaaj sunakar saavadhaan ho jaenge. ham itane phaasale par rahenge ki vah hamaara kuchh bhee nahin bigaad sakegee.”

sabhee choohon ne is sujhaav ka samarthan kiya. saare choohe khushee se naachane lage. tabhee ek boodhe choohe ne kaha, “khushiyaan manaana band karo. mujhe sirph itana batao ki billee ke gale mein ghantee kaun baandhega?” yah sunate hee saare choohe chup ho gaye. ve ek-doosare ka munh taakane lage. unhen is savaal ka koee javaab nahin soojha.
shiksha -jis sujhaav par amal na ho sake, vah sujhaav kis kaam ka!

Short Stories

Laila Majnu Ki Kahani | Short Hindi Stories | Love Stories in Hindi

Laila Majnu Ki Kahani, Short Hindi Stories, Love Stories in Hindi, prem kahaniya, hindi kahaniyaArab ke premi yugal laila-majanu sadiyon se premiyon ke aadarsh rahe hain aur rahen bhi kyon nahin, inhonne apane amar prem se duniya ko dikha diya hai ki mohabbat is jamin par to kya jannat mein bhi jinda rahati hai. arabapati shaah amaari ke bete kais ki kismat mein yah premarog haath ki lakiron mein hi likha tha.

use dekhate hi jyotishiyon ne bhavishyavaani ki thi ki kais prem divaana hokar dar-dar bhatakata phirega. jyotishiyon ki bhavishyavaani ko jhuthalaane ke lie shaah amaari ne khub mannaten kin ki unaka beta is premarog se maharum rahe, lekin kudarat apana khel dikhaati hi hai.

damishk ke madarase mein jab usane naajd ke shaah ki beti laila ko dekha to pahali najar mein usaka aashik ho gaya. maulavi ne use samajhaaya ki vah prem ki baaten bhul jae aur padhai mein apana dhyaan lagae, lekin prem divaane aisi baaten kahaan sunate hain. kais ki mohabbat ka asar laila par bhi hua aur donon hi prem saagar mein dub gae.

natija yah hua ki laila ko ghar mein kaid kar diya gaya aur laila ki judai mein kais divaanon ki tarah maara-maara phirane laga. usaki divaanagi dekhakar logon ne use majanu ka naam diya. aaj bhi log use majanu ke naam se jaanate hain aur majanu mohabbat ka paryaay ban gaya hai.

laila-majanun ko alag karane ki laakh koshishen ki gain lekin sab bekaar saabit huin. laila ki to bakht naamak vyakti se shaadi bhi kar di gai. lekin usane apane shauhar ko bata diya ki vah sirph majanu ki hai. majanu ke alaava use aur koi nahin chhu sakata. bakht ne use talaak de diya aur majanu ke pyaar mein paagal laila jangalon mein majanu-majanu pukaarane lagi.

jab majanu use mila to donon premapaash mein bandh gae. laila ki maan ne use alag kiya aur ghar le gai. majanun ke gam mein laila ne dam tod diya. laila ki maut ki khabar sunakar majanu bhi chal basa.

unaki maut ke baad duniya ne jaana ki donon ki mohabbat kitani ajij thi. donon ko saath-saath daphanaaya gaya taaki is duniya mein na milane vaale laila-majanu jannat mein jaakar mil jae. laila-majanu ki kabr aaj bhi duniyaabhar ke premiyon ki ibaadatagaah hai. samay ki gati ne unaki kabr ko nasht kar diya hai, lekin laila-majanu ki mohabbat jinda hai aur jab tak duniya hai jinda rahegi.


Love Motivational Short Stories

After 30 Years Hindi Story | Hindi Motivational Stories | Love Stories in Hindi

After 30 Years Hindi Story, Hindi Moral Stories, Short Hindi Stories, Love Stories in Hindi, prem kahaniya, hindi kahaniyaKapil chaay ki chuskiyaan lete hue akhabaar padh raha tha. tabhi gopaal ne suchana di ki do mahilaen milane aai hain. kapil toyalet se phaarig hokar hi kisi aagantuk se milana pasand karata hai. usane khinn hote hue kaha, itani subah? muvakkil hogi. daphtar mein shrivaastav aa gaya ho, to usase milava do.

ve aapase hi milana chaahati hain. shaayad kahin baahar se aai hain.

achchha! draingarum mein baithao, main aata hun.

kapil toyalet mein ghus gaya. itaminaan se haath munh dhokar jab vah niche aaya, to usane dekha- sophe par baithi donon mahilaen chaay pi rahi thin. ek sattar ke aasapaas hogi aur dusari pachaas ke.

ek ka koi baal kaala nahin tha aur dusari ka koi baal saphed nahin tha, magar donon chashma pahane thin. kapil ko aashchary hua, koi bhi mahila use dekhakar abhivaadan ke lie khadi nahin hui. bujurg mahila ne apane pars se kaagaj nikaala aur kapil ke haath mein thama diya.

yah khat aapane likha tha? usane kade svar mein puchha.

kapil ne kaagaj le liya aur chashma pahanakar padhane laga. bhaavukata aur sher-o-shaayari se bhara ek bachakaana majamun tha. us kaagaj ko padhate hue sahasa kapil ke chehare par khisiyaahat bhari muskaan phail gai. bola, yah aapako kahaan se mil gaya? bahut puraana khat hai. tis baras pahale likha gaya tha.

pahale meri baat ka javaab dijie, kya yah khat aapane likha tha. bujurg mahila ne usi sakh‍ta lahaje mein puchha.

haindaraiting to meri hi hai. lagata hai, mainne hi likha hoga.

ajib aadami hain aap. kitana kaijuali le rahe hain aap is baat ko. bujurg mahila ne lagabhag patr chhinate hue kaha.

kapil ne dusari mahila ki or dekha, jo ab tak ni‍rdvandv baithi thi, patthar ki tarah. kapil ko yon, ast-vyast dekhakar vah muskarai. usake saphed sangamaramari daant palabhar mein saari kahaani kah gae.

are saroj, tum! kapil jaise uchhal pada, itane varsh kahaan thi?

main vishvaas nahin kar pa raha hun, tis saal baad tum achaanak mere yahaan aa sakati ho, kahaan gae bich ke saal?

kaho, kaise ho, kaise bite itane saal?

tum to aise kah rahi ho, jaise saal nahin, din bite hon. tis saal ek umr hoti hai. mainne to sapane mein bhi nahin socha tha ki tumase is jindagi mein kabhi bhent hogi.

kya agale janm mein milane ki soch rahe the?

yahi samajh lo.

is ek kaagaj ke tukade ke kaaran tum mere bahut karib rahe, hamesha, magar ise kabhi galat mat samajhana.

itane mein kapil ki patni bhi niche utar aai. vah jaanati thi, naashte ke baad hi kapil niche utarata hai, chaahe kitana bada muvakkil kyon na aaya ho.

yah meri patni hai, manjula. desh ke choti ke kalaakaaron mein isaka naam hai. ab tak bisiyon rikord aa chuke hain.

jaanati hun. saroj boli, namaskaar.

namaskaar. manjula ne kaha aur eksakyuj mi kahakar dubaara sidhiyaan chadh gai. usane socha hoga, koi nai muvakkil aai hai. manjula ki udaasinata ka koi asar donon mahilaon par nahin hua.

bachche kitane bade ho gae hain? saroj ne puchha.

usi umr mein hain, jis umr mein mainne yah khat likha tha.

shaadi ho gai ya abhi khat hi likh rahe hain? saroj ne thahaaka lagaaya, kapil ne saath diya.

bade ki shaadi ho chuki hai, dusare ke lie ladaki ki talaash hai.

kya karate hain? bujurg mahila ne puchha.

bada beta jilaadhikaari hai baharaich mein aur chhota mere saath vakaalat kar raha hai, magar vah bhi kampitishan mein baithana chaahata hai. saroj ki maang mein sindur dekhakar kapil ne puchha,

tumhaare bachche kitane bade hain?

do betiyaan hain. ek doktar hai, dusari doktari padh rahi hai.

kya kisi doktar se shaadi ho gai thi? kapil ne puchha.

bade hoshiyaar ho. saroj ne sankshipt sa uttar diya.

tum bhi kam hoshiyaar nahin thi, kapil ne kaha.

kapil ke dimaag mein vah drshy kaundh gaya, jab kaksha ki pikanik ke dauraan nauka-vihaar karate hue saroj ne ek philmi git gaaya tha – tumase aaya na gaya, hamase bulaaya na gaya.

tumane inaka parichay nahin diya. kapil ne bujurg mahila ki or sanket karate hue kaha.

inhen nahin jaanate? meri maan hain.

kapil ne haath jodakar abhivaadan kiya.

ab bhi sigaret pite ho?

pahale ki tarah nahin, kabhi-kabhi.

kapil ke dimaag mein vah drshy kaundh gaya, jab kaksha ki pikanik ke dauraan nauka-vihaar karate hue saroj ne ek philmi git gaaya tha – tumase aaya na gaya, hamase bulaaya na gaya.

saroj ne ek videshi sigaret ka paiket aur ek laitar use bhent kiya. tumhaare lie kharida tha yah laitar, koi das saal pahale. is baar bhaarat aai, to tumhaare lie leti aai.

kya videsh mein rahati ho? kapil ne laitar ko ulat-pulat kar dekhate hue puchha.

haan, montriyal mein. mere pati bhi tumhaare hi peshe mein hain.

kanaada ke liding loyar. saroj ki maan ne joda. kapil ne laitar se sigaret sulagai. jab tak laitar jala, usase sangit bhi sunane ko mila.

lagata hai, tumhaari jindagi mein vakil hi likha tha. kapil ke munh se anaayaas nikal gaya. aksar vah nape-tule shabdon mein hi bola karata tha. use laga, usase koi galati ho gai hai.


tumhaari taarkik kshamata ko dekhakar kah raha hun.

kapil ne kisi tarah bhul-sudhaar ki.

saroj usaki baat ka nihitaarth samajh gai thi aur usaki bhul ka maja le rahi thi.

tumhaare daant abhi tak utane hi ujale hain.

mere pati ko bhi mere daant bahut priy hain.

mujhe unase irshya ho rahi hai.

Mainne kya gunaah kiya hai? saroj ne kaha, gunaahon ke devata to tumhin padha karate the, tumhin jaano. achchha, yah batao, jab meri didi ki shaadi ho rahi thi, to tum dur khade ro kyon rahe the?


ek khubasurat shakhs ki tasvir thi. tejasvi chehara. raajakapur stail ki munchhen aur dilip kumaar ka heyar stail. chehare se lagata tha ki koi vakil hai ya nyaayamurti. kapil bhi kam sudarshan nahin tha, magar use laga, vah usake pati se unnis hi hai.

kapil kahana chaahata tha ki kya tumhaare pati raajakapur ke divaane rahe hain, magar usane photo lautaate hue kaha, lakki ho. kab hui thi, tumhaari shaadi?

ek yug bit gaya. saroj ne sir jhatakate hue kaha.

tumhaare pati bhi aae hain?

nahin, unhen phursat kahaan? saroj boli, baal ki khaal na utaarane lago, isalie bataana jaruri hai ki main unake saath bahut khush hun. aai em haippili mairid.

do baar akele vishv bhraman kar aai hai. abaki baar mujhe saath le jaana chaahati hai, magar isake bhai taiyaar hi nahin ho rahe. saroj ki maan ne bataaya.

tabhi kapil ka pota aankhen malata hua namudaar hua aur sidha usaki god mein aa baitha.

mera pota hai, aajakal bahu aai hui hai.

kapil ne bataaya.

bahut pyaara bachcha hai, kya naam hai?

bantu. bantu ne naam bataakar apana chehara chhipa liya.

bantu bete, hamaare paas aao, chokalet khaoge.

khaenge. usane kaha aur chokalet ka paik milate hi apani maan ko dikhaane daud gaya.

kort kab jaate ho? usane puchha.


tum itane saal baad mili ho. aaj nahin jaunga. kapil bola, aaj tumhaara kort maarshal hoga.

mainne kya gunaah kiya hai? saroj ne kaha, gunaahon ke devata to tumhin padha karate the, tumhin jaano. achchha, yah batao, jab meri didi ki shaadi ho rahi thi, to tum dur khade ro kyon rahe the?


kapil sahasa is hamale ke lie taiyaar nahin tha, vah achakacha kar rah gaya, are kahaan se kured lai ho itani saari suchanaen aur vah bhi itane varshon baad. tumhaari smrti ki daad deta hun – tis saal pahale ki ghatana aise bayaan kar rahi ho, jaise kal ki baat ho.

yah yaad karake to aaj bhi gudagudi ho jaati hai ki tum rote hue kah rahe the ki ek din saroj ki doli bhi uth jaegi aur tum haath malate rah jaoge. achchha yah batao, tum kahaan the, jab meri doli uthi thi?

kam on saroj. kapil sirph itana kah paaya. kapil ko yaad aaya, jis din saroj ki didi ki shaadi thi, usane urdu ke ek hamumr shaayar ke saath pahali baar sharaab pi thi. aaj kapil desh ka jitana bada vakil hai, vah shaayar bhi desh ka utana bada shaayar hai. ise sanyog hi kaha jaega ki us shaayar se bhi kapil ki tis barason se bhent nahin hui. manjula bhi usaki do-ek gazalen ga chuki hai.

mujhe nisha se tumhaari khabaren baraabar mil jaaya karati thin. usaka bhai suresh tumhaara dost tha.

kapil ne dimaag par bahut jor daala, magar na vah suresh ko smrti mein la paaya, na nisha ko, magar yah sach tha, saroj ki didi ki shaadi mein vah ji bhar kar roya tha.

yah batao bete ki saroj ko itana hi chaahate the, to kabhi bataaya kyon nahin use?

saroj ki maan ne chutaki li.

khat likha to tha. kapil ne thahaaka lagaaya, isane javaab hi nahin diya.

khat to isane usi din mere havaale kar diya tha. saroj ki maan ne bataaya, jab tak rishta tay nahin hua tha, bich-bich mein mujhase maang kar tumhaara khat padha karati thi.

mer lie bahut speshal hai yah khat. jindagi ka pahala aur aakhiri prem patr. shaadi ko itane baras ho gae, mere ‍pati ne kabhi patr nahin likha, prem-patr kya likhenge. vah selyular kalchar ke aadami hain. hamaare ghar mein sabhi ne padha hai yah premapatr. yahaan tak ki mere pati, meri betiyon ko bhi padh kar suna chuke hain yah patr. mere pati ne kaha tha, is baar apane bvoyaphrend se milakar aana.

isaka matalab hai, pichhale tis baras se tum saparivaar meri muhabbat ka majaak udaati rahi ho.

yah bhaav hota, to main kyon aati tis baras baad tumase milane! in tis barason mein tumane mujhe kitani baar yaad kiya?

sach to yah tha, pichhale tis barason mein kapil ko saroj ki yaad aai hi nahin thi. vah apane patr ka uttar na paakar kuchh din daaru ke nashe mein shaayad mitron ke sang gunagunaata raha tha ki jab chhod diya rishta teri julphe syaah ka, ab saikadon bal khaaya kare, meri bala se aur dekhate-dekhate is prasang ke prati udaasin ho gaya tha.


tumhaara saamaan kahaan hai? kapil ne achaanak chuppi todate hue puchha.

baahar taiksi mein. socha tha, nahin pahachaanoge, to isi mein chandigadh laut jaenge.

aaj dilli mein hi ruko. shaam ko kamaani mein manjula ka kansart hai. aaj tum logon ke bahaane main bhi sun lunga. dopahar ko pikanik ka kaaryakram rakhate hain. surajakund chalenge aur bahu ko bhi ghuma laenge aur phir mujhe tumhaari aavaaj mein vah bhi to sunana hai – tumase aaya na gaya, hamase bulaaya na gaya. yaad hai ya bhul gai ho?

saroj muskarai, kambakh‍ta yaadagaar hi to kamajor nahin hai.


kapil ne gopaal se saroj ka saamaan niche vaale bedarum mein lagaane ko kaha.

baahar koyal kuk rahi thi.

kya koyal ko bhi apane saath lai ho?

koyal to tumhaare hi ped ki hai.


yakin maano, mainne tis saal baad yah kuk suni hai. kapil sharminda hote hue philaasaphaana andaaj mein phusaphusaaya, yakin nahin hota, main hi vah kapil hun, jisase tum milane aai ho aur mud‍dat se jaanati ho. kuchh der pahale tak tumase milakar lag raha tha, vah kapil koi dusara tha, jisane tumhen khat likha tha.


tek it iji main. saroj uthate hue boli, jyaada philosaphi mat baghaaro, yah batao toyalet kidhar hai?

koyal ne aasamaan sir par utha liya tha.





Moral Short Stories

Laut Aao Na Hindi Love Story | Short Hindi Stories | Moral Stories in Hindi

Laut Aao Na Hindi Love StoryAaj duniya se aankhen kaise milaun. us duniya se jo tumako meri taakat ke rup mein jaanati thi aaj tumase badi kamajori meri koi nahin rah gai. bas is savaal ka javaab de do mujhe meri najaron mein tumhaari kadr aur bhi badh jaegi. kal tak log meri aur tumhaari baaten karate nahin thakate the aur jab bhi mainne unase baat ki har dusari baat mein tum hi shaamil rahin lekin achaanak aisa kya hua ki jis li‍li ki taraph main daudata-bhaagata har haal mein pahunch jaata tha aaj usase koson dur hota ja raha hun.

kal tak jin baanhon mein mainne apani zindagi gujaari, aaj unhin baanhon ne kisi aur ko apane bhitar samet liya. mera hamasaphar aaj aankhen pherakar bahut aage badh gaya. na jaane vah kahaan chala gaya? jise meri najar aaj tak har-jagah dhundh rahi hai. kaash.. aaj vah mere paas hota to meri har dagar gulistaan thi. vah in baanhon aur pyaar ki thandi chhaanv ko chhodakar bahut-bahut dur chala gaya hai.

kabhi to usaka meri najaron ke saamane hona mujhe sukun deta tha aaj kachot raha hai. aaj tum mujhase najaren chura rahi ho ya meri koi aisi khata hai jo tum meri taraph dekhana bhi nahin chaahatin. mujhe kam se kam meri is galati ka ahasaas kara do. main har saja ke lie taiyaar hun lekin aaj jo saja bhugat raha hun usake lie to meri antaraatma bhi gavaara nahin kar rahi ki bagair galati ke kaise main yah din gujaar raha hun.

tumhen hamaare usi pyaar ka vaasta jo mainne tumase kiya tha aur yadi mera bhram nahin to tumane bhi mujhase kiya tha. aur yadi vah bhram tha to isi baat ka yakin mujhe dila do.

itana majabur to lili mainne kabhi tumhen nahin paaya. phir aaj kyon? kya mere pyaar se tumhen itani bhi taakat nahin mili ki keval 10 minat ka samay nikaalakar yah sab baaten mujhe milakar ya phon par hi bata sako. lili is daastaan ka ant main keval tumhaare munh se sunana chaahata hun.

haalaanki main jaanata hun ki mujhe meri karani ki hi saja mili hai. lili jaisa ki tum jaanati ho mainne apani purv premika doli ko anajaane mein dhokha diya tha. yah mujhe usi ki saja mili hai ki main tumase mil nahin saka. shaayar ki vah panktiyaan yaad aa jaati hain mujhe


aaj kisi ne dil toda to hamako jaise yaad aaya

jisaka dil hamane toda tha vo jaane kaisa hoga.


jo galati mainne doli ke samaksh ki thi vah main doharaana nahin chaahata tha isalie mainne tumhen paane ke‍ lie apane ghar vaalon se bhi bagaavat ki. aur tumhaari bhi vah sabhi baaten maani joki tum chaahati thin. hamane kabhi bhaagakar shaadi karane ki nahin sochi. usake lie mainne tumhen apane maata-pita se milavaaya aur main khud tumhaare maata-pita se bhi mila aur apani shaadi ki baat ki thi.

mujhe shikaayat tumase to kabhi thi hi nahin aur yakin maano aaj bhi nahin main aaj bhi tumhen utana hi chaahata hun jitana ki kal. lekin mere pyaar ka bharam rakhane ke lie hi mujhe chand savaalon ke javaab jarur dena, meri galati jarur bataana. nahin to jindagi bhar is baat ka pachhataava mujhe rahega ki mainne aakhir kis galati ki saja bhugati.

ghatanaakram kuchh aisa hai ki jon aur lili donon ek-dusare ko lagabhag 4 varshon se jaanate the aur donon ke bich lagabhag 2 varshon se prem prasang chal raha tha. jon ne hi lili ko prapoj kiya tha jise lili ne dosti maanakar svikaar kar liya tha. dhire-dhire donon ki dosti pyaar mein badal gai. is rishte ki kadr karate hue donon shaadi ke lie sahamat ho gae. jon baakaayada jaakar lili ke maata-pita se mila aur lili ko bhi apane maata-pita se milavaaya. donon ke ghar vaalon se bhi unhen sahamati‍ mili. donon ki ek-dusare ke ghar mein ghanishthata bhi badh gai.

lekin isake thode hi dinon baad lili ne jon ki taraph dekhana bhi band kar diya. karib 3 mahine nikalane ke baad jon ne lili se is berukhi ke baare mein jaanana chaaha. lili pahale to taalati rahi aur spasht kuchh nahin boli. lekin jon ko apane doston se pata chala ki lili ki engejament kisi dusare shahar mein rahane vaale ladake se ho gai hai aur agale maah donon shaadi bhi karane vaale hain.

kal tak jin baanhon mein mainne apani zindagi gujaari, aaj unhin baanhon ne kisi aur ko apane bhitar samet liya. mera hamasaphar aaj aankhen pherakar bahut aage badh gaya. na jaane vah kahaan chala gaya? jise meri najar aaj tak har-jagah dhundh rahi hai.

jon ke to jaise pairon tale dharati hi khisak gai. maano aasamaan tut pada ho usake sir par. phir bhi thoda sanbhalate hue jab use vistaar se isake baare mein pata chala to samajh hi nahin pa raha tha ki ab kaise vah is sadame se ubare. haradam hansate-khilatekhilaate chehare ka svaami jon dipreshan mein chala gaya.

yog, aart oph living aadi kai chijon ki madad se jaise-taise apane aapako sanbhaalate hue apana aage ka jivan kaat raha hai. ji haan, jivan kaatana hi kahunga kyonki lili ke bina to usane kabhi is jivan ki kalpana hi nahin ki thi. jis bevaphai ke kisse ab tak usane kitaabon mein padhe aur philmon ki patakathaon ke rup mein rupahale parde par dekhe the aaj usake jivan ki vaastavikata ban gai thi. ek tute hue vyakti ki bhaanti ab us paatr ko vah ji raha tha, lili ki bevaphai ko sahate hue ya doli ki yaadon ke sahaare. jivan mein rishton ke samikaran kab, kahaan kaise badal jaate hain koi nahin jaanata. lekin yah hamaare haathon mein hota hai ki rishton ki buniyaad ko vishvaas ke jal se sinche taaki na doli ka dil tute na koi lili dil todane pae.